Pastor Greg Locke is Not a Godly Man

TENNESSEE – A Pastor in front of a Target store in Tennessee has produced a viral video that is sweeping the bigoted enclaves of the internet. In it, he describes confronting a Target manager over there bathroom policy, which allows transgender’s to go to the bathroom of the gender they associate with. Because apparently, transgenders, who to most of the world appear as being the gender they identify as, are a tremendous thread when they go into a public restroom.

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Here’s the question – where are the legions of transgenders who are trying to molest women and children that these right wing bigots are afraid of? Are there any documented cases of transgender’s attacking someone in a bathroom? What exactly are these laws throughout the bigoted southern portion of the United States attempting to protect us from?

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The answer is this – the bigots have nothing left to hate. They are running out of things to hate. Now that gay marriage is legal, they are desperately struggling to find something to despise. And they have found it in transgender is going into public restrooms. You should be much more afraid of some random straight, white pervert – or former Speaker of the House of Representatives for example – then you should of a transgender in a public restroom.

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