Osprey Found Shot to Death in Palm Harbor

Osprey found dead in Cobbs Landing!

An adult male osprey was found on the sidewalk in the early am at Shoreline Circle in Palm Harbor.

The incident was suspicious and closer examination revealed a single hole in the Osprey.

The bird was X-rayed and according to a Veterinarian, the X-ray showed metal fragments in the osprey which were consistent with the external wound typical left by a gunshot.

The Osprey was transported to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary.

Ospreys are protected under state and federal law (Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act).  Steep fines and jail are possible penalties for those found convicted.

Double Reward for information:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is issuing a reward through our Wildlife Alert program:  Inv. Wells 813.272.3840 ext. 8371

Audubon Society Reward is $700.