Universal Restored With Power

ORLANDO, Fla.- The Orlando Fire Department responded to a power outage at Universal Studios this morning to help remove passengers from two rides, said an official at the park.

The outage darkened the whole park just before 10 a.m. Restaurants and operations were included in the blackout. Only Escape from Gringotts and the Simpsons ride were affected though.

Islands of Adventure never lost power so guests were urged to make their way to that park.

Fire officials were called to help remove riders from the Transformers ride and Men in Black. As of 11 a.m. the riders on Transformers were still being helped off. All other guests had already been safely removed from the other attractions across the park.


The Orlando Fire Department tweeted that officials were also checking elevators for anyone who may be stuck in the elevators during the outage.

Universal guest Luke Pykett took to Twitter to share videos of the park during the power outage. The videos also show evacuation teams moving throughout the park and shows the teams leaving the park.


Power has since been restored, said an Universal spokesman.

“Power has been completely restored and all guests are safe and off all rides at this time. Rides are gradually coming back and the park is open for normal operation,” Universal spokesman Tom Schroeder said.

Guests were not being asked to leave the park at any time during the outage. There were nine Orlando Fire units on standby, according to the fire department, with climbing equipment.

No riders were in distress or needed treatment or transport to any hospital.

The cause of the power outage has not yet been announced or discovered.