Seminole Deputy Uses Agency’s Equipment In Murder

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla.- A Seminole County Sheriff’s Office deputy used equipment at the sheriff’s office to get information from his girlfriend’s cellphone before murdering her and then killing himself.

Deputy Daniel Carrero, a 16-year veteran of the sheriff’s office, shot and killed his girlfriend Mistie Reynolds,33, in Kissimmee on August 12.

On Thursday the sheriff’s office said that Carrero violated the agency’s vehicle use policy and used agency equipment to view contents of Reyonlds’ phone on the day of the murder. Reynolds’ boss told authorities that on the day of the murder she was moving out of the apartment she shared with Carrero.

Investigative documents included a surveillance video that showing that after Reynolds had signed the lease on a new apartment in Kissimmee, she parked behind a Speedway gas station on U.S.192. The video then shows Carrero, who was driving an unmarked Seminole County sheriff’s car, pull up next to her a few minutes later.

A store clerk at the Speedway gas station found both of them in Reynolds’ car.

According to the sheriff’s office, a number of Carrero’s co-workers knew he was having relationship problems with Reynolds, but they said they didn’t see any signs of him being capable of murder.

Reynolds was the office manager for Kombat Security Systems in St. Cloud for 8 years. Clint Lyttle, owner of Kombat Security Systems, also said he had known that Reynolds’ and Carrero’s 6 year relationship had been having problems for the past three months.

Investigators said Carrero specialized in electronic surveillance for the sheriff’s office where he analyzed videos for the digital forensics unit. He also worked patrol, property crimes and as a guard at the jail. They said that Carrero did not use the gun issued to him by the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office, instead he used his own personal handgun in the murder suicide.