Disney Fans Rejoice: Magical Weddings At Night

It’s A Magical Wedding For All Disney Princesses

If you are a Disney Princess at heart then this news will make your day even more magical so hold onto your glass slippers.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has just announced the Magic Kingdom After Hours Experience, which allows you to get married in the park after the sun goes down.

Photo: Disney Parks
Photo: Disney Parks

You can say your vows to your Prince Charming in front of the Cinderella Castle at 11 p.m. once the park is closed to the public and in front of up to 300 of your nearest and dearest loved ones.

But hang on because it gets better. Not only has Magic Kingdom announced that the lovely couples getting married will have the park all to themselves, but there is the option of add-on’s to get the fairy tale feel every princess deserves. Fireworks and a horse drawn carriage, in the style of Cinderella, are options that can be added to the magical wedding.

The couple can say their vows in front of the beautiful Cinderella Castle, which will be illuminated to create a magical backdrop, and then your guests will have dinner by candlelight in Fantasyland, how much more romantic can it get?

The whole experience is available as part of the Disney Fairytale Weddings and Honey moons Wishes collection. And it does come at a price, the starting price of $180,000.

Disney Weddings

Princesses and Princes should start saving up now for this wishful experience.

For more information guests are urged to visit the Disney Weddings website as prices are subject to change during seasons and holidays.

Disney lovers were beyond excited with the news. Taking to Facebook and Twitter the Magic Kingdom After Hours Experience is now trending on the popular social media websites.

But let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to be married in front of a magical castle under the pretty night sky.