Huge Meth Bust In Polk County, 6 Arrested

Six Lbs. Of Meth Recovered In Polk Drug Bust

Polk County is in the headlines again, but this time for a big meth bust. Earlier in the week Sheriff Grady Judd addressed the public in the ‘Grinch’ case and today he will release details in a meth bust out of Polk County.

According to authorities, the bust comes after a two-month investigation conducted by undercover detectives working with the Florida Highway Patrol, The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, the Central Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Task Force, Tampa Office, U.S. Border Patrol and the State Attorney’s Office of the 10th Judicial Circuit.

About 6.7 pounds of Methamohetamine ICE, approximately $39,000 in cash and five guns were seized during the bust that arrested six suspects.


“Don’t be fooled by those who would have you believe drug traffickers are somehow minor, non-violent’ offenders. The drug trafficker in this case, Ignacio Munoz-Delgado, was armed to the teeth, including two AR-15s, a shotgun, and two rifles. And he was arrested for armed Cocaine trafficking in 2009. He was in the country illegally then as he is now he served a short sentence in prison and was deported to Mexico in 2010. Guess what: he came back again. Now he’s dealing in Methamphetamine. Lots of it. We know Meth is one of the most destructive illegal drugs on the streets in central Florida. It ruins lives, destroys families, fuels violence, drives up property crime, and wrecks neighborhoods. Anyone associated with it especially those who sell and traffic it are doing violence to people and causing harm in our communities.” – Sheriff Grady Judd

Photo: abc action news

“Munoz is exactly the kind of guy, a drug dealer with firearms charges, that the current administration is commuting sentences for or out-right pardoning. Of the 1,176 commutations during the Obama administration (so far), 211 included firearms charges. Munoz was in the country illegally, he was released from prison, deported, and he’s right back at it again, trafficking in Methamphetamine, a drug that is so devastating to our community. Munoz is exactly the kind of guy, a convicted criminal drug trafficking illegal alien, that the next president wants to deport to his country of origin after he serves his prison term.”  Sheriff Grady Judd

Sheriff Judd will host a press conference to reveal more details at 10 a.m.

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Quotes from abc action news.