Woman Says She Kidnapped Daughter To Get Her Drug Treatment

SALEM, Mass. (AP) — A Florida woman charged with coming to Massachusetts to kidnap her grown daughter says she did it to force her heroin-addicted daughter into treatment.

Laura Goodrow, of Orlando, was sentenced to a year of probation Wednesday after pleading to sufficient facts for a guilty finding to kidnapping and assault and battery charges.

The 44-year-old Goodrow told The Salem News (http://bit.ly/2fvmdV0 ) she felt she had no choice.

She and her adult son came to Peabody in March. Her son got her daughter to agree to a car ride, and he drove to a park where Goodrow and her son attempted to restrain her daughter and take her to Florida.

A neighbor who heard screams called police. The son also received a year of probation.

Goodrow says her daughter is still using.