Driving Instructor Killed In Disney Ride

Driver Crashes Lamborghini In Exotic Driving Experience Killing Passenger

A passenger on the Walt Disney World Speedway’s Exotic Driving Experience was killed during a crash.

Tavon Watson, who was the driver in the Super Leggera Lamborghini, sped up to a speed of 100mph before losing control of the vehicle and crashing into a guardrail. The result ended up injuring Watson while killing the passenger and driving instructor Garry Terry.

The Exotic Driving Experience is just one of many attractions Walt Disney World has to offer in Orlando. Anyone ages 18 and older with a driver license can have the opportunity to drive one of the high speed exotic cars the Exotic Driving Experience offers.

The fact that anyone with no professional race car experience can drive these very dangerous, high speed cars makes this event attractive to those who have always dreamed of driving in a $200,000 car. The cost to drive 5 laps in the cheapest available ride, a Porsche, is set at $200 but that’s still much less than actually purchasing the hot rod.

Although the Walt Disney World Speedway is closing this August, not relating to the fatal crash, you can expect a policy change for drivers.