Ominous Sign Of Things To Come For America???? featured this story today about Hillary Clinton trying to overcome recent polls indicating the American population doesn’t view her as a trustworthy candidate.

The editors at Breitbart used a picture from Clinton’s visit to New Hampshire’s Smuttynose Brewery on May 22nd. As Hillary waves to onlookers, it’s difficult to avoid seeing a spray-painted message “ROBD2” on the kegs to her left.

Was this a subliminal message placed by someone in the plant? From the looks of the photo, the same words also appear on the kegs in the rack directly above. Could this possibly be a subliminal shortcode for “Robbed 2”? Is someone saying that they don’t want a Clinton Family White House sequel?

Googling the term “ROBD2” might debunk the mystery, however. Turns out that ROBD2 refers to oxygen monitoring by the brewery. Too much oxygen at any stage of the brewing process can produce “skunk beer”. So it looks like the brewery was simply indicating that it’s monitoring the quality of its product.

On the face, the ROBD2 looks like a photo bomb, in reality, just some unfortunate subliminal placement by a presidential candidate.

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