Olympian Jeff Galloway is coming to Tampa

Come meet Olympian Jeff Galloway

One of my favorite runners Jeff Galloway will be in Tampa this weekend! Jeff is known for his walk-run marathon training program, The Galloway Method. This proven training program has led thousands of runners across the finish line, while reducing the chance of injury to almost zero. When I trained for my first Half Marathon, we used The Galloway Method and I am currently using it to train for my first Full Marathon. I can personally attest that The Galloway Method works.

Jeff Galloway is giving runners and inspiring runners a chance to run with him and hear him speak. I had the opportunity to meet and run with Jeff earlier this year at a runDisney event. Trust me, this is an opportunity you do not want to pass up.

MEET JEFF – Sunday, June 9 6p-8p – FITniche Lakeland

On Sunday night, Jeff Galloway will be at FITniche in Lakeland sharing details on his walk-run approach to completing half and full marathons. You will have the opportunity to hear Jeff speak about his Olympic and professional running successes, the Galloway Method and hear real life examples on those he has made an impact on.

Megan and Jeff Galloway – 2013 runDisney Marathon Weekend

FITniche Lakeland, 1421 Town Center Dr, Lakeland, Florida 33803

MEET & RUN WITH JEFF – Monday, June 10 6p-8p – FITniche Hyde Park Village

On Monday night, you can have the rare opportunity to run with an Olympian! Jeff Galloway will host a 3 mile run along beautiful Bayshore. As I mentioned, I had the opportunity to run with Jeff in the past. Not to fear, he runs at a slow pace so runners of all levels can keep up.   After the run, he will talk about his Olympic and professional running successes, the wildly popular “Galloway Method” coaching program. How often can one say they ran with an Olympian?

FITniche Hyde Park – 722 South Village Circle, Tampa, Florida 33606



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