Obama and Romney’s Condolences

President Obama put aside his campaigning for a special conference in Ft. Myers, Florida this morning to address the nation about the Colorado movie massacre. A young 24 yr. old man, who obviously had planned a dramatic chaotic entrance into the new Batman movie. He shot and killed 12 innocent people and injured 50 or more at the Century 16 movie theatre in Aurora, CO. The shooter has been caught and put into custody. Now the police and bomb squad officials are terminating all possible bombs that were in the shooters apartment, which was down the street from the Theatre. The shooter’s name is James Holmes, and is 24 years old. It seems as if this Holmes was trying to reenact the Dark Night movie, as the bad guy trying to cause chaos to interrupt the “system”. Keep in mind the last Dark Night movie resulted in Heath Ledger committing suicide after-wards, because the role he played was so evil and manipulative. Ledger turned to drugs that helped him create his crazy character image and eventually resulted in an overdose.

On a more sincere note, here is what the President Obama said this morning about the shooting.

[audio:820/OBAMAauroraCO.mp3|titles=President Obama speaks of Colorado shooting]

:Mitt Romney’s words on the shooting:

[audio:820/ROMNEYauroraCO.mp3|titles=President Obama speaks of Colorado shooting]