Obama Reunites With Christie On Jersey Shore Visit

Politics most unlikely friendship is rejuvenated once again as Barack Obama meets with New Jersey’s Republican Governor, Chris Christie, at the Jersey Shore.

Eight months after Hurricane Sandy decimated the Shore it appears that the tourist hot spot is on the way back up as many businesses have reopened and new ventures have also sprung up along the way.  President Obama reaffirmed this statement during his public address but insisted that there is still quite a ways to go.

In his speech FEMA received praise for their involvement from the start of the disaster.  The President then cited preparation for these type of events as being essential to the people of the United States.

With the help of Chris Christie, Obama plans to push the relief package through congress.

The citizens of New Jersey were told that they would not be alone in their struggles and endeavors, fellow citizens would be there for them.  Obama briefly asserted that the same goes for those struck by tragedy in Oklahoma City.

“We help Americans through the bad times, and we sure enjoy the good times.”

President Obama concluded with encouraging Americans to visit the Jersey Shore.

Barack Obama and Chris Christie’s reunion was not all business and “Frog Bog,” there were strong political motivators on both sides.

New Jersey has a Democratic majority, with the 2013 gubernatorial election looming Republican Governor Christie has to win favor in the opposition party for re-election.  His friendship with Obama has won over Democratic voters in the past so it is a strong move for Christie.

This meeting does wonders for Obama as well.  Governor Christie is one of the few Republicans that won’t throw the IRS scandal or the Benghazi incident in his face.  This is significant because this demonstrates bipartisanship coming to fruition as a force that can work together.  President Obama will also seize this moment as an opportunity to shift the focus away from recent headlines.

Chris Christie may receive some backlash from the Republican Party for his partnership with the President.  This may hurt any aspiration for running for office in 2016.


Please visit http://www.ready.gov/ for more information on disaster relief and prevention