Obama, Netanyahu’s Troubled Relationship Appears Beyond Counseling

Well, that relationship between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu never really did bloom, did it?

Now, even the stem is wilting. Before his resounding victory, Netanyahu took Obama’s 2-state solution to peace between Israel and Palestine, and tore it to pieces, never to happen. Of course, before that he took Obama’s nuclear program deal with Iran, with a deadline for progress just a couple days away, and in front of Congress, tore it to pieces, inciting a group of GOP senators to threaten Iran directly that they too, were prepared to tear it to pieces.

One could say that the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu at this point is, well, torn to pieces? On a more affectionate front, the president meets with visiting Prince Charles and Camilla on Thursday.

ABC’s Mary Bruce joined Your Wake Up Call Thursday morning to discuss.

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