NFL Goodell: New Player Conduct Code has Arrived

NEW YORK – Embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stood at a podium Wednesday to unveil his new player conduct code to reaffirm to the American public that he is doing everything he can.

NFL has a reputation of being a league with a collection of felons and law breakers and Goodell wants to be clear that they aren’t going to stand for it anymore.

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The league will employ their own private investigators to determine which players will sit out while due process is underway.

It was curious to see New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft speaking on behalf of the player conduct code and endorsing Roger Goodell as Commissioner. Kraft once employed double homicide suspect in TE Aaron Hernandez on his team. I guess he thought that no one would make that connection.

The NFL still doesn’t understand their influence and power of the American public and hopefully the new player conduct will benefit young viewers to realize actions have consequences.  Also, ESPN Monday Night Football host Mike Tirico compares Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers to General Norman Schwarzkopf.

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The hype of the NFL is almost unbearable.

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