Dan Maduri & Dick Greco – Preview “Decision 2014”


In this edition of The News Hour with Dick Greco and Dan Maduri discuss politics with the upcoming gubernatorial election.  They are also joined by special guest Datz restaurant owner Suzanne Perry.

Segment One: Former Tampa Mayor Dick Greco discusses how Tampa almost lost the McDill Air Force Base.


Segment Two: The crew talks about the upcoming gubernatorial election and how Florida citizens need to work harder at staying informed in the political process. The 2014 Florida gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014, to elect the Governor of Florida. Republican incumbent Rick Scott plans to seek a second and final term in office.


Segment Three: Maduri and Greco are joined by Datz restaurant owner Suzanne Perry and she explains all that is involved in running a successful restaurant in Tampa.


Segment Four: Perry continues to discuss what it took to open a restaurant with no experience.

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