News and Experts: Are You Too Smart For Your Own Good?

Today on News and Experts it was a Health and Wellness Wednesday, our special guest was Dr. Eric Maisel, who is an author, Psychotherapist and Creativity coach. He writes for Psychology Today and Professional Artist Magazine.  This interview really hones in on how to find your “switch” and activate your best qualities.

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At first Alex had established Liesman as the Knucklehead of the day, I contested. Whoever played the Mexican music for Steve was more the Knucklehead. Listen to understand…

Tony the tuner called in right before our KnuckleHead to talk about Dr. Maisel’s brain exercises to better your performance and expresses his thought about it in guitar and math language.

Turns out Liesman is a guitarist, a musician, and a Dead Head! He is off the hook, and cool with me.

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