New Fitness Band Sends Shocks If You Don’t Exercise

The Pavlok wristband sends electric shocks when the user is not meeting their fitness goals.

A newly invented fitness band aims to encourage people to exercise frequently. If you don’t, this band surely lets you know if you are not exercising.

According to Engadget, the Pavlok fitness wristband delivers electric shocks to the person wearing it if they fail to meet their fitness goals.

The electric shocks aren’t anything too painful, but you can definitely feel it. Pavlok founder and CEO Maneesh Sethi compares the shock to the static electricity you feel when you touch a metal doorknob. Sethi says that the shocks aren’t painful.

He says that the shocks are a stimulus to the brain with a certain action. This is how the habits get formed, when you associate the shock with working out.

The device also sends posts to Facebook, and it tells your friends that you have not reached your fitness goals.

The fitness bands are not ready to sell, but they are available for pre-order at the Indiegogo website, where you can choose different Pavlok models.

Watch the video below to find out more information on this product: