Mother And Grandmother Shoot Heroin And Crash Car With Baby Inside

Orange County deputies said a mother and grandmother put a toddler’s life in danger when they overdosed on heroin and crashed a car with a child in the back seat. The baby’s mother, 26 year old Leah Roth, and grandmother, 52 year old Marilyn Roth, were arrested yesterday. The crash happened in the bushes in front of the Shell gas station on West Oak Ridge Road. Deputies arrived to find both the mother and grandmother passed out in the front seat and the baby in the back sear calmly playing with a phone. The mother and grandmother were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center in stable condition. Family members came for the baby and DCF is investigating the incident. Leah and Marilyn Roth are facing child neglect and drug charges. Marilyn Roth may also face charges for the crash.