Morsi Out Of ‘The Decision-Making Circle’f

Egyptian troops deployed around Cairo and the whereabouts of President Mohamed Morsy were uncertain late Wednesday as his supporters said a military coup was under way.

The state-run Middle East News Agency reported Wednesday night that leaders of the country’s Muslim and Christian communities would join military leaders and opposition figures to lay out an agreement “to exit the current political crisis.” And citing “a senior official source,” the state-run Al-Ahram newspaper reported Wednesday that Morsy “is no longer a part of the decision-making circle.”

“The president is no longer able to make any political decisions now and a decision has been taken to prevent leaders loyal to the current regime from traveling overseas until the General Command of the Armed Forces are finished formulating their expected statement,” it added.

The report came shortly after a deadline issued by the generals to Egypt’s first democratically elected leader expired. At the final hour, Morsy offered to form an interim coalition government “that would manage the upcoming parliamentary electoral process, and the formation of an independent committee for constitutional amendments to submit to the upcoming parliament,” Morsy said in a posting on his Facebook page.


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