Mom was buying daughters Christmas present

A 5-year-old girl is dead and the driver who hit he is still on the loose.

It happened Monday night around 6:00 p.m. on US 41 just south of 34th Avenue in Bradenton. Kimora Samuel was crossing the street with her aunt.

A candlelight vigil was held Wednesday night at the crash scene in honor of the child.

The mother, Sherley Mathieu, says Kimora was a very sweet girl, who loved coloring and watching Spongebob. She had just bought her an EZ Bake Oven for Christmas.

The family had an outpouring of support from the community. Family and friends sang, “Lean On Me,”  a fitting song for a mother who says she’s not sure how she’ll make it without her daughter Kimora.

The 5-year-old was hit and killed by a car while crossing the street with her Aunt.

“My baby was a very sweet girl, I was blessed, a real blessing,” says Mathieu.

She is grateful for the overwhelming support from the community, but is in a lot of pain.

She was shopping for Kimora’s Christmas present when the crash happened.

“When I got home, five minutes went by, I said, they’re not home yet, when I called, a lady picked up the phone, they said my child was in a car accident,” says Mathieu.

Kimora’s father Kevin also got a call about the accident.

“I ran all the way here, and I seen my daughter’s backpack on the ground.”

He knows finding the person who was driving the car won’t take the pain away, but he’s pleading with that person to come forward.

“Turn yourself in. That’s all I know. Just turn yourself in. You know what you did.”

Kimora’s parents say the memory of their sweet daughter, will live on long after this tragedy.

“My baby is always going to be in my heart. Always,” says Mathieu.

State troopers continue to piece together who hit her.

Wednesday, in an apartment complex near where Kimora and her aunt were hit, a car was found. Florida Highway Patrol towed it away saying it’s a “vehicle of interest.”  Troopers hope it will find who killed the little girl.

Police want anyone with information to come forward.

Neighbors say it’s a dangerous stretch of highway to cross. Some say a traffic light or stop sign should be put in to make the road safer. They say it may keep another family from experiencing the same tragedy.

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