Mississippi Salvation Army Bell Ringer Robbed

bell ringer

GULFPORT, Miss. — Police in Mississippi are looking for a man who shoved a Salvation Army bell ringer and ran off with her kettle.

The incident was caught on surveillance video Tuesday outside a Winn Dixie grocery.

The video shows the man coming up on the side of bell-ringer Michelle Pope and running away. Another camera shows him walking up, wearing a red cap, a blue jacket, jeans and black shoes.

Pope tells local news outlets that she was finishing her shift and thanking donors when the man pushed her and grabbed her kettle before she could react. Pope says she ran after him but couldn’t catch him.

Salvation Army Maj. Gary Sturdivant says a normal bell-ringer averages $150 to $300 per shift and that in 30 years, he’s never seen a kettle stolen.