Missing Mom left voicemail before disappearance

A voicemail left by a missing mother was released as police and family members continue searching for her.

Michelle Parker, 33, was seen last Thursday after dropping her off her 3-year-old twins at her ex-boyfriend’s home.

The voicemail was left on her father Brad Parker’s cellphone. Brad said he plans on keeping the voicemail, as it is the only way for him to hear his daughter’s voice.

In the voicemail, Michelle told her father that she wanted to meet him for lunch and asked that he call her when he was free.

Family members and friends spent part of Thanksgiving Day handing out flyers as they continue searching for Parker.

Parker went missing less than two hours after an episode of “People’s Court” aired that she appeared in with her ex-boyfriend, Dale Smith, who is also the father of the twins.

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