Child Michelle Parker Goes Missing, Mother Searches

The mother of Michelle Parker wiped away tears from her eyes as she talked about her daughter.

“The love you have for your child is like no other.  I’m a she-bear.  I will look in every dumpster and hope she’s not there,” said Yvonne Stewart.

Stewart hasn’t slept in days. She constantly looks at her phone and is hoping it will be one person and one person only: Michelle.

“Whoever did this, God help them when we find them,” she said. “They better turn her loose.”

Michelle Parker vanished without a trace on Thursday after dropping off her 11-year-old son and her 3-year-old twins at their father’s house.

The only clue left behind was a cryptic text after her family sent urgent messages asking Michelle where she was.

The text consisted of one word: “Waterford.” Police say that’s a reference to the Waterford Lakes area of Orlando where she dropped off the children.

The biggest piece of evidence so far?  Her black Hummer discovered on Friday.

“Somebody has her, she’s alive! They won’t let her go.  She’s trapped.  She knows my number.  It’s been the same for 20 years,” said Michelle’s mother.

A command post with hundreds of volunteers has been set up on the corner of Orange and Oak Ridge Avenues in Orlando. They are working around the clock to find the missing mother.

The question remains, where could Michelle be? The 33-year-old is a popular bartender at the Barn in Sanford, who’s never missed a day of work.

Michelle has never gone a day without speaking to her family. “She’s always on that iPhone.”

Michelle had just made an appearance on “The People’s Court” with her former fiance the day she disappeared. The two were arguing over a $5,000 engagement ring.

There had been trouble brewing for months. Sources say they had a tumultuous relationship, but her ex is not considered a suspect and is cooperating fully with Orlando police.

We went by his home, where relatives say he is taking care of the couples’ twins, but no one was there.

Orlando Police Sgt. Jim Young told 10 News, “The more media on this story showing Michelle’s picture, and the more it assists us. We get emotional about this.”

So where does this leave Orlando police? They have 16 detectives on the case following hundreds of leads. In fact, 20,000 fliers have been passed out.

But for Michelle’s parents, they want more. They want everyone to be familiar with their daughter’s case and face.

Michelle’s mother told us, “I’m Michelle’s voice.  She’s my baby, she’s a human being.  She needs to come home.”

Her father said, “Let’s hope we find her and bring her home.”