Suspect Caught Writing Fraud ‘To-Do’ List

Phyllistone Termine’s mugshot from a concealed weapons arrest in February (Left). Termine’s to-do list he was found writing when cops arrived at his house (right). Photo: Criminal Complaint against Termine/ obtained by the Miami Herald.

MIAMI (AP) — Detectives investigating fraud in South Florida hit the jackpot when they executed a search warrant on a suspect’s home: he was writing a fraud “to-do” list.

The Miami Herald reports that 19-year-old Phyllistone Termine was sentenced last week to 4-and-a-half years in federal prison for aggravated identity theft and access device fraud after investigators found the list among other evidence.

Prosecutors say Termine admitted to collecting names and Social Security numbers and submitting fraudulent unemployment benefit claims.

When investigators traced the false claims to Internet Provider addresses from Termine’s North Miami-Dade home, they executed a search warrant.

Termine was in his bedroom writing a list on a legal pad that included “buy 3 phones, 1 clean 2 dirty’s” and reminders to buy credit card information from the “dark web.”