Escaped Homestead Inmate Found Taken In

Photo: Homestead Police

Escaped Inmate Found In Homestead

An escaped inmate was found and taken back into custody after he escaped security detail Wednesday afternoon, said the Homestead Police Department.

Marv Hubbard was located sitting at a gas station on the corner of U.S. 1 and Southwest 200th Street.

The prisoner was assigned to a security detail at a food bank in Homestead when he escaped from state custody. His fleeing resulted in a massive manhunt by land and air.

During the manhunt, Homestead police searched the surrounding area of Southwest 312th Street and 147th Avenue. K-9’s from several departments and helicopters were used in the search. Schools were placed on lockdown, and some people were even blocked from going home.

The 40-year old did five months for driving without a license in 2003-04 and then began a 20-year sentence for burglary in August 2007, reported the Miami Herald. Nine years later he was assigned to community work detail and then he made a run for it.

Fernando Morales, a spokesman for Homestead police told the Miami Herald that Hubbard had managed to take off his Departement of Corrections shirt and pants and escaped in a white T-shirt, blue shorts, and a blue baseball cap.

Surveillance cameras in the area showed Hubbard hopped a fence then ran. The Department of Corrections told the Herald that prisoners granted such privilege “have minimal time left on their sentence, are minimum or community custody inmate and have a history of good behavior while incarcerated.”

Due to his escape, Hubbard now faces a felony charge.