Miami: Sebelius Continues Obamacare Tour

MIAMI (AP) — Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is visiting Miami to talk about the new federal health insurance program.

Sebelius will participate in a discussion Thursday morning with Miami residents.

More Floridians are signing up for the program than residents in any other state relying on the federal exchange. According to figures released Wednesday by the Health and Human Services Department, nearly 18,000 have registered over the last two months.

Nearly 14,500 Floridians signed up under the Affordable Care Act in November. That compares to about 11,000 in Texas — another populous state that’s using the federal government’s website.

Florida’s November enrollment figures are considerably higher than the dismal 3,500 in October when sign-ups were hampered by technical glitches. That’s still far less than what officials had originally projected.

Source: Associated Press