Men Escape Car Before It Fell Into A Sinkhole

It was an afternoon in China when two men lunged out of a car seconds before it dropped into a sinkhole.

A camera from traffic control recorded the entire series of events as the sinkhole formed in the middle of the road, according to CBS10News. From the video, it seems that the driver didn’t see the sinkhole at first, and part of the front of the car dove into the hole.

CBSNews states that Chinese officials said sand under the road gave way, which caused the sinkhole to form.

When the car was stuck in the sinkhole seconds before it completely dropped down, the two passengers got out just in time. A few moments later, the entire car dropped into the sinkhole and landed upside down.

No injuries were reported, however if the passengers were in the car when the vehicle went completely down, a difficult rescue effort would have had to take place.

Luckily, the passengers made it out of the car in time, and no one was injured.