Did Mayor Bill De Blasio Kill Groundhog “Staten Island Chuck?”

Bill De Blasio

After a string of blown forecasts decimated the credibility of Punxsutawney Phil, up from one’s ashes rises another’s opportunity, so in came Staten Island Chuck, New York City’s own version of the predictor for spring’s arrival.

This past Groundhog Day, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio had the honor of holding Chuck up in search of his shadow, as the tradition holds. But Chuck began running up the mayor’s arm, so he dropped him. At the time, no injury was evident following physical examination. However, new information has emerged that a week after Groundhog Day, Staten Island Chuck was dead.

There are now charges of a cover-up, which the zoo is vehemently denying. Will this incident cast a shadow on the tradition which already involves a shadow? And does this mean that next year, no matter what, there’s a shadow?

ABC’s Scott Goldberg joined us from New York to discuss.

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