Man To Hitchhike Across America Using Only Reddit To Survive

I’ve got a bad feeling about this one. Hitchbro, a young man who lives his life thumbs out, will soon undertake a cross-country hitchhiking voyage using only Reddit to survive.

“I am going to hitchhike from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Dragoncon in four days. Then I’m going to go from Dragoncon to New York and try to hit as many people as want to hang out with me as possible,” says Hitchbro in a recent upload.

After New York, the hitcher will be going straight to Los Angeles to perhaps audition for the role of “Most Internet Guy In The World” in the presumably forthcoming Reddit house-party-sex-comedy, working title: “Up Vote.”

Hitchbro will be live streaming the entire experience 24/7 via Ustream while asking the kind hearts at Reddit for advice, suggestions and places to crash.


Source: NewMediaRockstars