Man Saves Baby In Sunken Car

trapped car

A man from Maine came to the rescue on Monday when he found a car that was upside-down in water.

Police say that Stephen McGouldrick lost control of his vehicle while driving on an icy road and ended up in 2 and half feet of water. According to CBS News, police say that Leo Moody, a bystander of the accident, crawled into the SUV and saved an infant.

Moody used a knife to cut the straps off the car seat to pull the baby out of the sunken car. The infant was under water for a brief period of time before Moody pulled her out, and she was not breathing when Moody had her.

Wade Shorey, another bystander, performed CPR on the infant and revived her. When emergency personnel arrived, the baby was taken to Eastern Maine Medical Center to be examined.

McGouldrick and two other passengers had minor injuries and were released from the hospital after being treated.

There has been no report by the police yet if the driver of the SUV was under the influence of any substance, or if there were any other causes for the accident.