1 Arrested, 1 At Large For Burglary

While on patrol Friday morning, a Hernando deputy noticed two men standing behind a black truck near the back of a closed business, Premier Technology Systems, located at 3035 Anderson Snow Road.

As the deputy got closer to the truck, one male fled and is still at large. He was last seen wearing a light colored shirt and shorts.

The deputy climbed over a gate and made contact with the other white male, later identified as 50-year-old David Taylor, who said that he works for Premier Technology Systems and the two were there to load trailers for Friday morning work. The deputy observed that Taylor was sweating profusely, shaking, and stuttering his words.

After he was read his Miranda rights, Taylor changed his story, stating he lied and was not an employee of Premier Technology Systems and had cut the lock on the south side gates to make entry onto the property. Taylor went on to say that he did this in order to steal gasoline for his personal vehicle.

The deputy conducted a pat-down on Taylor to find a steel padlock in his front left pocket. Taylor advised that it was the padlock he cut off the south side gate. Taylor also told the deputy that he had also cut three additional locks from two trailers located at the rear of the property.

“I often hear that citizens seldom see a deputy on their street, Sheriff Al Nienhuis said. This case is a perfect example of a deputy being on the right street at the right time. It was a time, in this case, when most law abiding citizens were asleep. Deputy Schneider is a perfect example of our vigilant and observant midnight shift deputies. They are seldom seen patrolling our streets, but are nonetheless keeping us and our property safe as we sleep.”

David Taylor was arrested and charged with commercial burglary, possession of burglary tools, VOP, and has no bond.