Major drug bust in Pasco County

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office has arrested Nathan Andrew Coll from Land O’Lakes and have charged him with trafficking in Herion, possession of controled substance Oxycodone with out a prescription, possession of felony marjuana, intent to distribute Xanas and possessiion of stolen firearms.

Dectives responded to 20714 Broadwater Blvd and found Mr. Coll at home.  He invited them inside and that where dectives saw marjuana in boxes and grinders.  When asked Coll consented to allow them to search the home where they found 40 grams of heroin, 290 Oxycodone pills, 10 pounds of marijuana.

At this time, Coll told dectives that he lived with someone, which prompted the officers to obtain a search warrant to continue searching.

At this time they found 151 pills of MDMA, 1550 Xanax pills, 34 Valium, 215 Soma, 366 steriods, 3476 Hydrocodone pills, 13.7 grams of cocaine and 4 firearms of which two were stolen.

Coll admitted he sells marijuana and Xanax for money.