Lifestyle 101

The Secret to an Extraordinary Life

Join Dr Asa in continuing on a topic that everyone is concerned about when it’s typically too late…our health. We all long for greater relationships, more energy, and to excel in our careers. America’s Health and Lifestyle Coach® will take you on a high energy journey toward the pearls to transform your personal potential that will increase the bottom line for both you and your company.  These lifestyle-changing pillars are based on principles of his years speaking with countless thousands on radio and television, clinical practice, and points from his international bestselling book, Empowering Your Health. In this transforming keynote, Dr Asa provides common sense yet life-changing truths that will radically transform how we perceive our life and ourselves. He doesn’t merely talk about health and medical mumbo jumbo —he clearly directs you toward a new prognosis in your life. This is the new prescription for inner change we all long for. The power of this presentation is in the extraordinary proof Dr Asa provides … these principles of health, wellness, and success will empower your life like never before!