Letters To Bloomberg Test Positive For Ricin

New York Preliminary tests indicate ricin was found in letters sent this past weekend to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New York deputy police commissioner Paul Browne said Wednesday.

Browne said the letters to Bloomberg contained a threat to the mayor and mentioned the debate on gun laws.

“The letter obviously, referred to our anti-gun efforts but there’s 12,000 people (who) are going to get killed this year with guns and 19,000 that are going to commit suicide with guns, and we’re not going to walk away from those efforts,” Bloomberg said.

One letter addressed to the mayor’s office was opened at the city government’s mail facility, Browne said.

The suspicious material found in the two letters was a “pink-orange oily substance,” he said, adding that it was the second of two tests that showed what appeared to be trace amounts of ricin.

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