LeAnn Rimes Seeks Forgiveness For Past Cheating

Most people get to keep their marital mistakes private, but not country singer LeAnn Rimes. National magazines wrote about the tangled end of the singer’s first marriage, and now Rimes tells “Entertainment Tonight” she asks for forgiveness “on a daily basis” for breaking her marriage vows.

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Rimes wed backup dancer Dean Sheremet in 2002, and in 2009, cheated on him with actor Eddie Cibrian, who was himself married to reality-show personality Brandi Glanville at the time. Cibrian and Rimes wed in 2011.

She knows she did wrong, Rimes said. “I’ve definitely asked for forgiveness on a daily basis,”she told ET’s Nancy O’Dell on Wednesday. “We are human beings who are going to sin and make mistakes.”

Coming to grips with the affair is a topic of some of the songs on her new album “Spitfire,” which comes out June 4. In one song, Rimes sings plaintively, “Oh, what have I done?”

She says she hopes her music will set the record straight about her actions. “I feel like so many people have written the story that they think will sell a magazine, or the story that they want to believe, but it’s so 180 of what has been written,” she told O’Dell. “People have had the lies to twist for so long they might as well have the truth to twist now.”

The new song “You’ve Ruined Me” is about Cibrian, and includes the lyrics, “Guess my hands are tied here/How far do you want to take this/If my mouth’s done too much talking/You should stop me with your kiss.”

“You meet someone that is all of those things that you would love to have in a relationship,” she said while explaining the song to O’Dell. “And so to go anywhere from that moment and that relationship and that love is just … you’ve ruined me forever.”

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