Labor Day Boating Safety Tips

boating safety

Labor Day is a week from Monday. Every day from now until then, News Talk Florida will have an article about fun ideas and tips for Labor Day. Since summer is still here, there will be a lot of beach goers, like every year. So, this article is about boating safety.

Ten Boating Safety Tips

1. Always be conscientious of the weather

Check the local forecast before heading out on the water. If the weather suddenly becomes unsafe for boating, safely navigate off the water.

2. Follow checklist before departing

Part of being safe on the water involves being ready for any possible tragedy. It’s like the Boy Scouts teach you — “Be Prepared.” Make sure you have enough fuel and have all the necisarry licenses and paper work on board, along with other safety items.

3. Use common sense

Seems obvious, but yeah. Use your head.

4. Designate an assistant skipper

Make sure that more than one person on board knows how to drive the boat and work it properly.

5. Determine a float plan

Tell a friend or relative, or even a local marina, where you and your passengers are going and how long you’ll be gone.

6. Use life jackets

Most of the time, people who drown from boating accidents didn’t use a life jacket. Be smart and use one…properly. Take time to fit one for each person on board.

7. Don’t drink alcohol

Don’t drink and drive. It applies to boating too. Pretty much anything you’re driving, you should be doing it sober and not have alcohol anywhere in sight.

8. Take a boating course

Taking a boating course will teach you the do’s and dont’s of boating, and obviously boating safety. Much like driver’s education. You should know how to drive your boat and what to do if there is a crisis.

9. Learn to swim

Pretty self explanatory right?

10. Get your vessel checked for free

The Coast Guard will be happy to inspect your boat to see if it’s fit for the water and also to make sure you’re not missing any essential items while operating the boat.

h/t Mark’s Marine Inc.