Jury Recomends Death for Evans

One day after finding him guilty of first degree murder on two counts, the jury in the Patrick Evans murder trial was given another difficult decision: should Evans get the death penalty?

At about noon today, the jury reached its decision: a recommendation of death by lethal injection for both counts.

The judge has final say on whether or not to accept the jury’s recommendation.

Earlier in the morning, Evans’ mother, Marcy, cried on the stand and begged for her son’s life.

“As compassionate people, you don’t take a life, you just don’t do it,” she pleaded.   She began crying so hard, she could not finish her testimony after a few moments.

Prosecutor Bill Loughery addressed the jury saying, “Mrs. Evans says you don’t take a life, but [Patrick] took two lives.”

The wealthy former Jabil Circuit executive killed his wife, Elizabeth, and her new boyfriend, Jerry Taylor, on December 20, 2008 after finding the two in bed together at the family’s condo in Gulfport.

Evans and his wife were going through a divorce and became enraged when he saw his wife naked with another man.

A haunting 911 call captured the murders. Evans can be heard yelling at his wife and her boyfriend.

“JERRY, GET ON THE BED!” he yells.

“Just put the gun down,” Jerry begs.  A moment later, a gunshot rings out.

Elizabeth calls out for help, then asks, “Are you out of your f—-g mind?”

Another gunshot rings out.

A jury came back in an hour’s time with the guilty verdict on Wednesday.  Both families cried when they heard it read out loud.

“The system works, justice has been done,” said Elizabeth’s father.

Evans’ family declined comment.

The jury’s recommendation came on a vote of 9-3 for the murder of Evans’ wife, and 8-4 for the murder of Jerry Taylor.