JetBlue Set to Give Bag Fees On Cheapest Tickets


If you look to get the cheapest JetBlue flights for your travels, you may want to think again.

According to MyFoxTampaBay, the airline said on Wednesday that it will establish three ticket classes which will start in the middle of 2015. The top two ticket classes will include at least one free checked bags, but the lowest ticket class will result in a fee.

The airline also announced that they will add more seats to the Airbus A320 planes, and this would generate another $100 million a year. The seats will expand the capacity of the plane, but the legroom will be decreased which is something that the airline heavily advertises. Executives say that the remodeling of those planes will start late in 2016 and will take two years to finish.

When JetBlue starts to charge for checked bags, Southwest will be the only major U.S. airline that allows passengers to check at least one bag for no charge. Gary Kelly, CEO of Southwest, said that the lack of bag fees has brought enough passengers and adding bag fees would just offset their money.

JetBlue met with investors in New York, and the airline is under heat because investors are trying to raise revenue. The airline shares leaped from 27 cents, or 2.1%, to $12.99 a share.

JetBlue expects that the new ticket classes and bag fees will make more than $200 million a year in income.