Urban Meyer Admitted COVID-19 Vaccines Played A Role In Shaping The Jaguars Roster

NFL owners have lost patience with players and coaches who are not taking the vaccine.

The National Football League’s Jacksonville Jaguars coach Urban Meyer, who has some major health issues, didn’t hold back when he talked about how he and his coaching staff evaluated players when it came to finalizing the team’s 53-man roster. “If a player did not get a COVID-19 vaccine, that went into the evaluation. Everyone was considered. That was part of the production, let’s start talking about this, and also is he vaccinated or not? Can I say that that was a decision-maker? It was certainly in consideration.” The National Football League Players Association would like to know a little more about the coaching staff’s thought process into making the final cuts. The NFL has been forcing virtually everybody connected to the business to take the vaccine but NFL owners cannot force players to get a vaccine because the collective bargaining agreement does not allow mandatory shots for players. At least one coach, Rick Dennison of the Minnesota Vikings, was fired because he refused to take the shot.

The NFL is not allowing media into locker rooms and is limiting team personnel in locker rooms. The league claims about 94 percent of the players have been vaccinated but there have been break through cases in Nashville with Tennessee Titans coaches and players getting the virus. NFL owners paved the way for other companies to get tough with their employees. In July, NFL owners told the players, if there is a COVID-19 outbreak among the players on a team and a team does not have enough players to compete, that team will forfeit the game and the players would not get paid. National Football League owners, who are major captains of American industry, are motivated by money and see unvaccinated players as a threat to the bottom line. There will be no coddling the unvaccinated.

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Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer gestures during NFL football practice, Friday, Aug. 6, 2021, in Jacksonville, Fla. (AP Photo/John Raoux)