Supply Capsule Arrives At Space Station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — The International Space Station has accepted its first U.S. shipment in more than half a year.

On Wednesday morning, a capsule bearing 3 1/2 tons of Christmas presents, food and other supplies arrived at the orbiting outpost. NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren (CHELL LEND-grin) used the station’s big robot arm to grab the cargo ship, operating the crane via joy sticks. He joked earlier this week that he knew all those hours playing video games, way back when, would pay off.

The supply ship, named Cygnus, rocketed into orbit Sunday. NASA’s commercial shipper, Orbital ATK, used another company’s rocket for the launch. Orbital supply runs had been on hold ever since an Orbital rocket exploded during liftoff last year. SpaceX, meanwhile, hasn’t made a delivery since April because of a launch accident.