Red Lobster Sales Surge Thanks To Beyonce Song

NEW YORK (AP) — Red Lobster is feeling the “Beyonce Bounce.”

The seafood chain known for its cheddar biscuits says sales surged 33 percent on Sunday from a year ago. The increase came after the release of “Formation,” in which Beyonce says she took a man to Red Lobster after sex.

The pop culture spotlight is no doubt a welcome change for Red Lobster, which was sold by Darden Restaurants after it suffered ongoing declines in sales. The chain, which is owned by investment firm Golden Gate Capital, says it was also a trending topic on Twitter for the first time.

“It’s clear that Beyonce has helped create some Red Lobster fans, and we are very grateful to her for that,” Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup said in a statement.

Beyonce performed in the halftime show of the big game on Sunday and was dressed…well…as per normal Beyonce attire. But who is she really so called “inspiring” with these outfits?