Jacksonville Woman Still Has Love For “Mother,” No Bond For Kidnapper

No Bond For Woman Accused Of Kidnapping Newborn From Jacksonville Hospital

On Wednesday morning the South Carolina woman accused of abducting a newborn baby from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998 returned to the River City for her first court hearing.

A judge set no bond for Gloria Williams for the kidnapping charge and set bail at $503,000 on the interference with custody charge. She will appear in court next on Feb. 8.

Williams, 51, allegedly kidnapped Alexis Manigo on July 10, 1998 when she was just eight hours old from a Jacksonville hospital. Williams had posed as a nurse and told the baby’s mother she needed to check the newborn over because she had a fever, said Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams to ABC News.

Manigo was given the name Kamiyah Mobley and was raised in South Carolina by Williams.



Photo: WPTV

Over the weekend Manigo was reunited with her real birth parents and though she enjoyed the reunion, she also said it was bittersweet since the woman who raised her was taken away.

“I understand what she did was wrong, but just don’t lock her up and throw away the key,” Manigo told ABC News’ “Good Morning America” in an exclusive interview.

“She loved me for 18 years, she cared about me for 18 years,” Manigo said to ABC News. “I just want people to realize that.”

On the exclusive Manigo identified herself as “Alexia Manigo,” but said people can call her by her birth name. She went on to say Williams was a good mom to her and said, “she will always be ‘Mom.'”

“She made one mistake, but I was loved,” Manigo said in the interview. “From that one mistake, I was given the best life.”

“I had everything I ever needed, wanted, I had love especially. There is no price you can put on the love that was given to me,” she added on “Good Morning America.”



Williams has not yet entered a plea deal.