Naked Man With Sword Charges At People

Witnesses say they were frightened to find a naked man wielding a 3-4 foot long sword outside a Jacksonville apartment complex.

“I was honestly kind of scared because I didn’t know what he had with him or what was going on,” Jacob Jaquett said, according to Fox 30, who was helping a friend move.

Jaquett said the man charged at people screaming at them, as seen in the video below.

Action News says they tried to contact local police to find out more about what was going on. They weren’t much help.

Witnesses pinned the man down and confiscated the sword.

“Luckily a man was there and he subdued the guy and got him to drop the sword, and tackled him to the ground and the cops came,” Jaquett said.

There’s no word what caused this incident or who the man is.