Marco Rubio Campaign Stop In Tampa

BOISE, Idaho (AP) — Marco Rubio finds his Oval Office ambitions squeezed by Donald Trump’s outsider ambush and the Republican Party’s resulting identity crisis.

The Florida senator has struggled to reconnect with the kind of voters who sent him to Capitol Hill six years ago as a tea party favorite, instead watching them fuel Trump and his closest challenger to winning the GOP presidential nomination, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Yet, left to depend on more traditional Republicans, Rubio also has not fully harnessed the financial and organizational muscle of the GOP old-guard eager to derail Trump, with some backers of failed candidates like Jeb Bush remaining on the sidelines and others supporting Ohio Gov. John Kasich. And even where Rubio has corralled establishment players, voters haven’t always followed.

Florida Live with Dan Maduri will be broadcasting live today from 3 to 6pm at The Sail Pavillion in Tampa as Marco Rubio has a campaign stop at the Tampa Convention Center. Doors open at four and the rally starts at five o’clock.

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