Jolly: Crist Would Run for Dogcatcher

Dan Maduri interviewed Congressman David Jolly on Wednesday’s edition of 820 AM’s Florida Live.

Jolly joined the show the day after crashing Charlie Crist’s formerly announced his intention to seek the Democrat nomination for Jolly’s seat. Jolly will vacate the seat to pursue Marco Rubio’s Senate chair.

The re-drawing of Florida-13 leaves it as a strong Democrat borough. Maduri asked Jolly why he wouldn’t try to face Crist head-to-head for Congress.

“I cannot lead a team of supporters into a race that’s so stacked against us by the Supreme Court,” Jolly said.

Jolly continued to criticize Crist, who has held several offices during his career from Florida Governor to Attorney General. Crist has run under the triple crown of party politics as a Democrat, Republican and Independent.

“Listen, Charlie Crist, he’s the Donald Trump of the Left right now,” Jolly said. “He will do and say anything he thinks you want to hear to get elected. There’s simply no substance to what he says and he changes his positions every few years. Is he a Republican, Democrat or Independent?”

While Jolly offers harsh and deserved criticism of Crist, we need to look at his own record in Congress. grades Jolly’s conservative voting record as an “F” and reviews his time in Washington like this:

During his 2014 primary, Jolly ran as a “Bill Young Republican,” who he implied was a staunch conservative. Jolly built a campaign platform on issues like opposing an alternative to Obamacare before repealing it, overturning Roe v. Wade, rejecting Common Core standards, and opposing amnesty and a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. But during the general election, Jolly sang a different tune, voicing his support for raising the debt ceiling and for state approval of same-sex marriage. Jolly denied changing positions, insisting that reporters were simply asking him different questions.

Jolly even articulated his moderate positions in relation to Young’s. “If you put Bill Young and I [sic] next to each other on paper, in most areas we are in agreement, and in some areas I’m probably more moderate than he was.”[2]

Once in the House, Jolly proved himself to be the moderate he claimed to be, even sending a letter to Republican leadership requesting a vote on the Senate version of a Department of Homeland Security spending bill that fully funded President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Jolly also vehemently denied rumors that he was anything but a sure vote in support of John Boehner’s (R-OH) reelection as Speaker of the House.

“We need real change in Washington, DC. We need to restore the greatness of leadership to government,” Jolly said.

“Charlie Crist has failed that leadership test in every office he has. He left the governor’s mansion because it was too hard,” Jolly said. “And instead he pursued his own idea of becoming the Vice President of the United States and when that failed his political world exploded and he’s never been the same. Charlie Crist would run for dog catcher if it was on the ballot.”

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