It’s Stingray Season – Shuffle Your Feet

CLEARWATER, Fla. – Stingray season is underway and some stingrays have been spotted in the waters of Clearwater Beach.

Because the water temperature is consistently in the low 80s and rising, more stingrays may come closer to shore.

This will increase the chances of beachgoers coming in contact with the cartilaginous fishes that are related to sharks.

It is important for all beachgoers to do the “stingray shuffle” when entering beach waters.

By shuffling your feet in the sand, you will scare off any stingrays that might be around.

Purple warning flags are used to warn of the danger of stingrays in area waters.

Flags will be flown as needed.

If you do get stung, see a lifeguard.

Those who get stung will be treated by the lifeguard, and then if needed will be transported to the nearest fire station for monitoring.

Stingray season is expected to last through the summer. For more information, call (727) 462-6963.