ISIS Won’t Be Solved Overnight: Former Pres. Carter Ally Turned Critic


President Obama is saying the battle against ISIS could take a while. He says it remains a difficult mission and this is not something that is going to be solved overnight.

As ISIS makes alarming gains in Syria, the White House is acknowledging there’s only so much they can do because there are no ground troops. Period. The timing is an interesting angle too. Syrian opposition won’t be trained and ready to fight for several months.

And even then, we are training only 5,000 troops. Former President Jimmy Carter is the second ex-president in a week to criticize President Obama’s foreign policy, in the midst of a pile-on by the president’s own former advisers including two ex-defense secretaries.

Carter sounded off against Obama, stating the president “waited too long” to move against ISIS. ABC’s Mary Bruce joined us to discuss.

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