GOP Plan No. 118: Jettison Jeb, Add Mitt?

Watching the GOP Establishment’s head implode over Donald Trump’s candidacy provides endless daily copy for Conservative media. It seems as though the GOPE hatches a new scheme to combat the growing popularity of New York’s brash billionaire almost every day.

The latest scheme — on the heels of Virgina and North Carolina trying to get GOP Candidates to pledge no third party runs in order to get on the state ballot — according to former Trump adviser Roger Stone, has the GOPE ditching an under-performing and reluctant-looking Jeb Bush in exchange for their last presidential nominee in Mitt Romney.

Albert Einstein famously defined “insanity” as “doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results”.

“I have a very good Rolodex when it comes to the Republican Party, confirmed by a New York Times reporter who, by the way, told me this morning that she hears the same thing,” Stone explained to CNN’s Michael Smerconish.

Stone claims Trump’s domination of the field is due to Bush’s failure to produce a vigorous campaign.

What Stone fails to understand is that Trump is registering with voters across all parties because he is not named Bush or Romney. Trump projects as anti-establishment, anti-Washington, anti-politician. He projects as a brash American who is proud of his achievements, proud of his country and views the world as something that can be changed positively. Trump serves as a sharp contrast to the politically-correct and corrupt Washington insiders who argue over terms like “anchor babies” and fret about the nomenclature between a border “fence” vs. “a wall”.

“I do think with Jeb’s failure across the board and his underperformance and that paleo diet, he’s got no energy” Stone said. “He’s just flat. There’s no passion there. There’s no-can-do spirit. It’s somnambulant. This is why Trump is just zooming past him.”

The paleo diet has nothing to do with Bush looking flat. He clearly appears to be a reluctant candidate…a kid forced to go on a date with a girl he has no interest in, but must marry for political purposes.

Trump Tweet
For some reason the GOP Establishment believes a third Bush is something that will appeal to the electorate. This is in comparison to the Democrats who offer up a Clinton. The main difference between Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton is that while Bush’s father and brother served in the White House, they won’t be living there with him as Clinton’s husband Bill — a controversial two-term president — would assume the position of first spouse.

When two political parties repeatedly turn to two distinct families over and over again this clearly indicates a desire to maintain connections with people who understand how business in D.C. works.

As for a Romney candidacy, he failed because he too did not excite voters. The GOP base stayed at home during the 2012 election and he carried just 27% of the coveted Hispanic vote. As evidenced by the Pew Research chart below — courtesy of Mark Levin’s Facebook page — Romney scored the second-lowest percentage of the Hispanic vote in presidential elections since 1980.

If this is the GOP’s plan we again ask them to read the Einstein quote.

Hispanic Prez Vote totals