iPhone 6: What Features To Expect As Apple Announces Release

Apple is expected to release the iPhone 6 Tuesday. With that, The Economic Times has drawn out what we can expect in the new phone.

TouchID sensor

The TouchID sensor is the current fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 5 and currently is limited to unlocking the phone and buying apps from the App Store. But with the iPhone 6, we can expect better fingerprint recognition as well as authorizing financial payments in combination with near field communication.

Larger display

The new iPhone 6 is said to have a bigger screen, available in two sizes: 4.7 and 5.5 inches. Apple is trying to compete with Android’s screen sizes. They’re also rumored to be working on a Sapphire Glass for more scratch resistant screens.

Better cameras

The iPhone 5 has a 8MP sensor but with iPhone 6, there is supposedly going to be a camera even better than that. There are different speculations on the exact improvements. Some people claim it will remain 8MP and some think it’ll be advanced to 13MP or 16MP. Another feature would be the more stable images.

Revamped design

The iPhones have remained the same in terms of design ever since the iPhone 4. The only exception was the iPhone 5c which has a plastic body. Leaked pictures of the iPhone 6 (which some say isn’t an iPhone at all), appear to show a revamped version with the metal body and the home button a little more over to the side.

Improved WiFi

Two improvements in this category: Apple is integrating NFC, a system that allows devices to talk to each other and the new WiFi 802.11ac, which has faster transfer speed and connection range.

Better Hardware

Of course you can’t have a new phone without improved hardware. Apple has improved the specs. All new iPhone 6 models will have the iOS 8 operating system. There will be a 64 bit model along with 1-2 GB RAM, longer battery life and storage options of 16 GB and 128 GB.