iPhone 5S and 5C: Everything You Need to Know About the Next iPhone

The iPhone 4S is to the iPhone 4 as the iPhone 5S is to the iPhone 5. No, this isn’t the SATs, but just as the iPhone 4S had a similar design to the iPhone 4 but with a few new features, the iPhone 5 is expected to follow a similar pattern. Don’t expect a bigger screen on iPhone 5S, even though Apple seems to be cooking that up too. According to various reports, the iPhone 5S will have a very similar design to the iPhone 5, but will have the following changes.

Fingerprint sensor
Siri was the standout feature of the iPhone 4S, and all signs point to a fingerprint sensor as the standout feature of the 5S. According to various reports, including one recently from 9to5Mac, the iPhone 5S will have a fingerprint sensor in the circular home button.

Improved processor and camera
Much less is known about the other hardware improvements, but according to some sources, the phone will have a new version of Apple’s processor (presumably called the A7), which will naturally be faster and more efficient, aiding with battery life. It’s also expected to pack an improved camera, which Apple Insider reporting that will have an a better flash for taking better photos in low-light conditions.

According to various outlets, including Techcrunch, AllThingsD, iMore, and 9to5Mac, the next iPhone will come in a new color. A gold model will join the current black and white iPhone models. It seems, though, that this being Apple, we’re not talking a gaudy, blinged-out gold but a more tempered champagne color.

The iPhone 5C
But that’s not all we’re going to hear about colors. There is speculation that there will be another, more affordable iPhone: the iPhone 5C. The C is said to stand not for cheap but for colors. According to various leaked photos, the iPhone 5C is made of plastic and will come in various hues, including green, pink, white, blue and yellow. Australian blogger Sonny Dickson has published a number of photos of the purported back shell of the phone.

The Software
Apple has not commented on any of the aforementioned hardware rumors, but it has mentioned something that is coming to the iPhone: iOS 7. In June, Apple showed off the completely revamped version of its iPhone and iPad operating system. The software has been given a complete face-lift, with new icons, animations and features.

Source: Joanna Stern, Good Morning America